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I fell in love with culinary at a young age due to my amazing mother being a baker and a personal caterer. While my siblings were out playing with their friends, I'd be in the kitchen watching how she made dinner. My second inspiration came from my 7th grade Home Economics teacher. She gets the credit for teaching me how to prepare French toast. After that lesson, I was preparing Sunday breakfast every chance I got. 


​As my passion for cooking expanded, so did my interest in learning different cuisines and cultures. During my adult years working in different kitchens ranging from fast food to high-end restaurants, I started to experiment with different flavors and techniques. I began to notice that out of all the different recipes I prepared, the Mexican cuisine was one of the most flavorful. Tacos were the easiest dish to make but had many layers of different flavors and spices. Finding the “best” taco in Connecticut then intrigued me. 


After years of searching for the perfect balance of flavor, spice and uniqueness I came up empty. The best taco I tasted were the recipes I created for my own family and friends in my kitchen. After years of disappointment, I came to the conclusion that I had to open up my own taco truck! In 2019 I joined forces with a longtime neighborhood friend “40” and created Flaco’s Tacos! I am determined to bring my kitchen recipes and bold flavors to the masses! Because hey, who doesn’t love a good taco and like the slogan says, “It’s Tuesday Somewhere”--